Design Engineering

Backed by our experience and expertise of the past 35+ years in developing, tooling and processing plastic components, Mutual Industries has added a design engineering centre to support customers with end-to-end solutions from part concept stage to mass production and system supplies.

Engineering Capabilities – CAD
  • 3D Modeling
  • “B” Surface Modeling
  • Assembly DMU Checking
  • 2D Drawing Creation
  • Tolerances & Annotation
  • Mold Design
  • 2D Detailing
Engineering Capabilities – Simulation
  • Static Linear
  • Static Non Linear
  • Quasi Static
  • Crash Analysis
  • Model Analysis
  • Stiffness Analysis
  • Pressure Analysis
  • Optimization
  • FEA – TEST Correlation
  • Linear / Non Linear Durability
  • NVH
Engineering Capabilities – Validation
  • Gap & Flush on fixture
  • Color Fading(Stiffness)
  • Assembly Trials, Servicing Trial
  • Vibration Durability Test
  • Odour Test
  • Thermal Cycle Test
  • Humidity Resistance Test
  • Long Term Heat Test
  • Short Term Heat Test
  • Fogging Test

Mould Design & Manufacturing

Increased competition and changes in consumer behaviour necessitate that companies develop new products at a faster pace than before. Mutual Industries, a trusted partner to our customers supports this cause completely and ensures shorter program/product development cycles with an in-house tool design and Mould Design & Development shop.

The tool shop comprises of a fully equipped Computer Numerical Control (CNC) based machine shop, EDM and assembly set up capable of manufacturing moulds for parts of sizes up to 3 m x 2 m with a weight of up to 40 Metric Tons.

  • Mould Design & Development
  • Mould Flow Analysis
  • Manufacturing of Soft Tools for Prototyping
  • Manufacturing of Series Tools for Production
  • Designing of Qualifying Fixtures & Assembly Fixtures

Injection Moulding

Mutual processes plastics across a wide range of polymer families right from polyolefins to Engineering polyamides, styrenes and various special compounds to meet the precise needs of the parts using injection moulding technology.

We mould parts from sizes as small as a button to as large as the front hood of a heavy commercial vehicle addressing both the technical and aesthetic requirements of the products.

We pride ourselves in employing the most contemporary technology in our machines ranging up to 3200 tons across reputed brands in the industry.

We also have the expertise of manufacturing with long fibre injection molding, gas assisted injection molding, hybrid thermoplastic composite molding, injection compression molding.

Single & Twin Sheet Thermoforming

Mutual brings in the advantage of heavy gauge thermoforming using single & twin sheet technology to open up whole new possibilities of products and applications across the industry segments.

The experience of over 5 decades of Styl’monde (France) in European Industry synergizes with the indigenous engineering and manufacturing capabilities of Mutual to form Mutual Stylmonde Pvt Ltd.

It is capable to produce components up to 3mts x 2mts with most contemporary technology instalments.

The applications include

  • Automotive
  • Mass Transit (Buses & Railways)
  • Tractor & Farm Equipment
  • Earth Moving Equipment and Machinery
  • Medical Equipment & Machinery Covers
  • Ambulances
  • Material Handling (Customized Trays and Pallet solutions)
  • Signage (Advertising and Display)

Here are some potential advantages of single & twin sheet engineering thermoforming

  • Rapid Prototype Development
  • Fast Mould Development Cycles
  • Lower Tooling Costs compared to Injection Moulding and Blow Moulding
  • High inherent strength owing to twin wall structure
  • In Process Re-Inforcement possibilities like metal, honey comb structure, PU foam etc.

Typical materials which can be used in single & twin sheet engineering thermoforming include: HDPE, PMMA-ABS, ABS, TPO, PC, PC-ABS, ASA, ASA-ABS, TPU–ABS, PS, PSPE, HIPS.


Surface Coating

In keeping with our commitment of state-of-the-art infrastructure and to provide our customers nothing but the best, Mutual Industries has invested heavily in the latest finishing technologies and are a house of excellence for plastic parts surface finish.

In India we were the first to foresee the need within the automotive hangout parts for fully automated surface finishing processes equipped with robotic paint application systems and the first five stage power wash.

Our facilities have the ability to process all solvent borne and water-borne paint technologies with the expertise to produce primer less products that surpass customer expectations. Mutual Industries has full control of the paint-able surface as we have the in-house capability to begin with mould design and manufacturing to mass production.

Aqua Graphics

Mutual Industries brings Japanese technology from Taica Corporation ( Cubic) that enables transformation of your products through surface enhancement to augment its beauty. The process called Aqua graphics entails a water-soluble film, covered in natural and abstract prints that is printed onto substrates which could be made out of plastic, glass, wood, metal etc.

It is possible to create more than 2000 different patterns across various colour shades on the products.

Aqua graphics finds excellent applications in automotive interiors, personal care packaging, architectural products, home appliances etc

Besides the above, the decoration also adds great aesthetic value to products in the switch and lighting industry.

System Assemblies

At Mutual, we recognize the need to deliver a complete system with Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS) logistics to cater to OEM’s supply chain requirements. We have the capability to handle plastic part assemblies with bought out components, electrical and electronic parts into a system, delivered directly into the OEM assembly lines.

Based on the need of the products and logistical requirements, we deploy dedicated assembly cells with manual, semi-automatic and fully automated processes.

Our assembly lines are augmented with contemporary technologies in plastic welding, robotic ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, mechanical fastenings and other related techniques.

We can deliver completely assembled products to your distribution network as a contract manufacturer.